NANTOU|Lotus Forest : the Mysterious and Amazing Fog Forest in Taiwan

NANTOU|Lotus Forest : the Mysterious and Amazing Fog Forest in Taiwan

Many of the beautiful forests in Nantou County are picturesque, mysterious and amazing. Among the forests in Central Taiwan, there is a forest which fascinates people due to its mysterious atmosphere and the incredible view, the Lotus Forest.

The Lotus Forest is a virgin forest located beside the Shanlin River. The silt forest died due to long-term water soaking after the 921 earthquake, forming a special landscape of the forest. Although the hinterland is not large, the beautiful scenery still attracts visitors come. The lotus forest just like the hidden paradise in Nantou. In addition, because the mountains are prone to fog in the afternoon, the lotus forest is filled with the fog which makes it also called as the fog forest.

It only takes 30 minutes to walk to the Lotus Forest from the railway. Though the altitude is about 2000 meters, it’s a safe and reachable route. The scenery changes every time which fascinates people again and again. The unique terrain and the astonished view makes it called as Taiwan’s Jiuzhaigou. 

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Every year from February to May, you can see the very rare flowers in the Lotus Forest, Taiwan Pleione. The beautiful flowers first attracts many photographers come and now attracts hikers comes. Also, couples come here to have their wedding photos.

As a wetlands, variety of animals and plants here forms an abundant ecology. You can see the tadpole swimming in the water, find several kinds of frogs jumping in the mud, and hear the music from the insects and birds in the woods. The appealing mysterious scenery makes it so well known that people come here again and again.

There is a cafe in the forest, you need to make an telephone reservation before you go. If you want to have a coffee and snack with amazing view, don’t forget to have a phone call before you come.

Travel Info
Lotus Forest
[忘憂森林/Wàng yōu sēnlín
-Located in:
Central Taiwan
?Scenic Spots, Natural Landscape
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoor Activities Enthusiasts, Hikers

-Address:No. 3-3, Xishan Rd., Zhushan Town, Nantou County, Taiwan



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