TAOYUAN|Loshib Wadan Memorial Park : a Park to Commemorate an Atayal Warrior


If you are interested in history of Taiwanese aborigines, there is a place you can learn about an Atayal warrior’s story. Loshib Wadan Memorial Park in Taoyuan can be on your list of learning history of Taiwanese aborigines.

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A row of nostalgic photo wall along the road at the entrance of the Loshib Wadan Memorial Park beside Luoma road records the Loshib Wadan’s deeds. Loshib Wadan Memorial Park is a memorial park to commemorate Atayal Warriors, Loshib Wadan. In the modern history of Taiwanese aborigines, Leshib Wada was an extremely important figure. He was not only the leader of the tribe but the first Atayal who accepted modern medical education. From the era of the Japanese rule, he actively became the communication bridge between the aborigines and the government. Even in the early postwar period, he fought for the rights of aborigines with clear ethnic stances. Unfortunately, he was suppressed and even killed. People built this park to memory and appreciate him.

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There is a beautiful observatory in the park with two ladders that can be climbed up. One of it is narrow that only allows one person up and down at one time, while the other one is steeper that needs both hands to climb up. The park is small but the scenery here is amazing no matter day or night. It’s a place to stargaze and it’s a good place to relax.

Travel Info
Loshib Wadan Memorial Park
[樂信瓦旦紀念公園 /Lè xìn wǎ dàn jìniàn gōngyuán
-Located in:
Northern Taiwan
Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots
-Highly recommend to:
Outdoors Enthusiasts
No.118, Luoma Rd., Fuxing Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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