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1. I can』t answer the question. It』s too d________ for me.

2. ---what is your a________?

---I am 12 years old.

3. Our class is going to have a p________ in Luhu park. We will take some delicious food with us.

4. That book is very b________, so I almost fall asleep when I read it.

5. Let』s go skating together if you are f________ this weekend.

6. Mary s________ smiles and she is usually too sad.

7. It』s u________ for it to snow here in June.

8. It is i_______ for us to protect Earth for our future.

9. A washing m_______ can help us wash clothes.

10. We can make a snowman on a s_______ day.

11. He feels n_______ when he faces so many people.

12. George is from A________. She was born in Sydney.

13. I like cities with places of interest because I like s________.

14. There are many tall b________ around the square.

15. He sits in the c________ of the classroom.

16. You can eat o________ the room, but you can』t eat in it.

17. Shanghai is both traditional and m________.

18. My e-friends are from three different c________.

19. They enjoy climbing Baiyun M________ at weekends.

20. A f________ in the UK means an apartment in the US.

21. Our maths teacher r________ a bike to school every day.

22. My h________ is planting flowers.

23. To keep healthy, you should do sports and have a balanced d_______.

24. Don』t play football on the street. It』s quite d.

25. Of all the subjects, I like English best. English is my f subject.

26. My aunt』s son graduated from high school last year. Now he is studying in a very famous u.

27. Please don』t make any n. The baby is sleeping.

28. The food in this restaurant is very d. I love it.

29. I hope you will have a w time at the party tonight.

30. I』ve been studying for quite a long time. I need to take a r_________.

31. The blue jacket is very nice. But I won』t buy it, because it is very e.

32. Some v from the USA came to our school today. We gave them a very warm welcome.

33. The students asked the speaker many q about his adventures in the Arctic.

34. No one knows what will happen in the f_________, but we can work hard in the present.

35. Thursday is the f day of the week in the UK.

36. Our national f______ is red with five yellow s_________.

37. We can borrow books from the l.

38. I usually go s in the river with friends in summer.

39. In 1979, Deng Xiaoping m_________ an important speech in Guangdong.

40. The boy ran very fast. Soon he c up with other boys.

41. Jim and jack live on the d floors. Jim lives on the sixth and Jack lives on the tenth.

42. We needn』t buy Ricky a bike. He has a new one a.

43. Do you usually make a shopping list b you go shoping ?

44. Let』s i our teachers to our party. They』ll be very happy to be with us.

45. The box is very l________. You can carry it easily.

46. September is the n____ month of a year.

47. Chips are made from p______.

48. It is a s________ question and it took me two minutes to work it out.

49. You are lying, I can』t b_______ you.

50. Wherever he travels, he will try the l________ food and buy some cook books.


1. difficult

2. age

3. picnic

4. boring

5. free

6. seldom

7. unusual

8. important

9. machine

10. snowy

11. nervous

12. Australia

13. sightseeing

14. buildings

15. center

16. outside

17. modern

18. countries/cities

19. Mountain

20. flat

21. rides

22. hobby

23. diet

24. dangerous

25. favorite

26. university

27. noise

28. delicious

29. wonderful

30. rest

31. expensive

32. visitors

33. questions

34. future

35. fourth

36. flag, stars

37. library

38. swimming

39. made

40. caught

41. different

42. already

43. before

44. invite

45. light

46. ninth

47. potatoes

48. simple

49. believe

50. local



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