Section B

Directions:In this section,you are going to read a passage with ten statements attached to it.Each statement contains information given in one of the paragraphs.Identify the paragraph from which the information is derived.You may choose a paragraph more than once.Each paragraph is marked with a letter Answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2.

Driver』s License Test Tips

A.This article will provide you with some simple tips for passing your driver』s license test.Adequate preparation is absolutely essential,without which any number of driver』s license test tips will be redundant.

B.Getting a driver』s license is a big step in anyone』s life.It gives an individual the luxury to drive a car anytime he or she pleases,as driving without passing a driver』s license test is against the law.

For some people,the stress can be too much to handle and as a result they may mess up on the driver』s license test.There are some simple driver』s license test tips that anyone can follow,to be assured of passing the test and getting their driver』s license.

C.The most important of all the tips for passing your driver』s license test is to be prepared.This can only be achieved by you through hours and hours of sincere and diligent practice.If you are not sufficiently prepared for your driver』s license test,all the driver』s license tips for passing your driver』slicense test will be utterly pointless and redundant.You can read as many drivers』license test tips as you want,but if you are not practicing enough,then all these driving test tips will be in vain.Enroll ing yourself in driving schools is advisable for this purpose.

D.Now,if you』re wondering how to prepare for your driving test,the first thing you need to know is what the driving test instructors and officials are going to be looking for.The following are the qualities that the instructors will be on the lookout for and also the parameters that the scoring will be conducted on.

E)Starting the vehicle:The instructor will be observing you right from the time you start the vehicle.

He will note if you tum your head to look back and if you follow all the safety regulations that are required to be followed while starting a vehicle.Here are some tips on learning to drive a car.

F)Control of the vehicle:He will pay close attention to how much control you actually have over the vehicle.Your abilities with the gas pedal,the brake,the steering wheel and other controls will be scrutinized.

G)Steering:Not many road test tips stress on the importance of steering.This quality is closely ana.

lyzed by the instructor and obviously if your steering is wayward(任性的),the chances of passing the driver』s license test are very slim.

H)Driving in traffic:Keeping calm and avoiding panic attacks while driving in traffic is of utmost importance.Many people get extremely stressed and nervous,when they are in the midst of traffic and one of the very crucial tips to pass road test for driver』s license is to stay calm and composed when driving in traffic.Also read more on road safety and car safety.

I)Traffic signs and lane discipline:This is another area that the instructors will be rating you on.Your ability to observe lane discipline and your recognition of the various traffic signs plays a major role in your passing the test.Keep these driver』s license test tips in mind to pass the test in your veryfirst attempt.

J)Stopping:Stopping the car smoothly and at the right place is a critical skill to have.When the in. structor asks you to stop the car,the timing,the positioning and the technique of doing so are important driving test tips to bear in mind.

K)Backing up and distance judgment:Your backing up skills and your ability to judge the distances

between your vehicle and other entities will also be carefully scrutinized.If you cannot back up your vehicle satisfactorily ,parking would be very troublesome for you and a major source of hazard to you and to others around you.

L)Hill parking:One of the essential tips for passing your driver』s license test is to master the art of hill parking.This is not as easy as it seems and can become a major source of anxiety in a driver.If you can display good skills at hill parking,it proves that you have developed good control over the vehicle.

M)Arm signals and driving etiquette:Another aspect that you will be judged on is your efficiency at giving the right arm signals at the right time.Your respect for other drivers on the road and the amount of courtesy you show them also plays a part in your final rating on the driver』s license test.

Read more about defensive driving techniques and tips and defensive driving courses.

N)Drivers who are well aware and informed about all the rules and regulations that need to be followed have a beRer chance of clearing their driver』s license test.The primary goal of these driver,slicense test tips is to instill(慢慢灌輸)a responsible and mature frame of mind in every individ.

ual.These road test tips will be pointless unless you develop a calm demeanor and tmless you are aware of all the rules that must be followed while driving.

O)Here are a few more basic drivers』license test tips that you should keep in mind when vou,re leaming how to prepare for your driving test.Always use the restroom before your test begins.Not doing so will cause more anxiety during the test.Memorize all the traffic signs and their significance well in advance before the test.Use your rear view mirrors efficiently and regularly.Ensure that you are well on time for your test and are carrying all the required documents and paperwork.Get adequate sleep the previous night and do not give the test with an empty stomach.Stick to the permitted speed limit.Do not drive too fast and do not drive too slow either.

P)Passing a driver』s license test is not simple and unless you are well versed in driver education.You could face a lot of difficulties.At the end of the day,remember that the instructors also want you to pass the test,so do your best to stay calm and composed and believe in your ability to pass the test.

This cannot be reinstated enough,but the key to passing your driver』s license test is practice.

46.According to this article,the importance of steering is emphasized by not many road test tips.

47.Your timing,positioning and technique should be considered by yourself when you stoD your test car.

48.Some people may fail their driver』s license tests because they have too much stress.

49.Hill parking as one of the essential tips for your license test seems easV.

50.The tips in this article primarily aimed at instilling a responsible and mature frame of mind in you.

51.In order to pass your driver』s license should practice.

52.Your driver』s license test begins in practice when you start your test car.

53.During the preparation process,a few more basic tips should be kept in mind.

54.You should sleep adequately the night before your test.

55.A lot of difficulties could be faced if you are not well versed in driver education.

48.Some people may fail their driver』S license tests because they have too much stress.


【解析】B)。細節題。根據句中的fail their driver』S license tests可將答案定位於文章B)段第三句話,有些人可能沒有通過駕照考試,是因為壓力太大。

49.Hill parking as one of the essential tips for your license test seems easy.



50.The tips in this article primarily aimed at instilling a responsible and mature flame of mind in you.


【解析】N)。細節題。根據句中primarily aimed at可將答案定位於N)段第二句話,flame ofmind為「心 緒,心境,心情」,駕照考試指南的首要目標是將負責、成熟的心境慢慢灌輸給每一個人。

5 1.In order to pass your driver』S license should practice.



52.Your driver』S license test begins in practice when you start your test car.


【解析】 E)。推理題。根據句中begin可將答案定位於E)段第一句話,文中提到從你啟動車子的那 一刻起,教練就開始觀察你了。


【解析】 O)。根據句中a fewmorebasic tips可將答案定位於O)段,keep inmind為固定搭配,指「牢記」。



【解析】O)。根據句中sleep可將答案定位於O)段,文中使用的是adequate sleep,這裡用的是副詞形式。



【解析】P)。根據句中driver education和a lot ofdifficulties可將答案定位於本文P)段第一句話。Be Versedin指「精通於」。想通過駕照考試並不簡單,除非你很精通駕駛教育,否則你會面臨許多困難。


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