1. I want something to eat. Please give me a.

A. book B. watch C. shirt D. cake

2. ---- What's thelike today?

---- Cloudy.

A. sky B. air C. land D. weather

3. Which is theto the bus stop, please?

A. road B. way C. street D. address

4. that pair of newMary』s?

A. Is, shoe B. Are, shoe

C. Is, shoes D. Are, shoes

5. I』m very thirsty. May I have, please?

A. two cups of teas B. two cups of tea

C. two cup of teas D. two cup of tea

6. March 8 isDay.

A. Woman』s B. Womans』

C. Woman of D. Women』s

7. We should keep ourclean.

A. tooth B. tooths C. toothes D. teeth

8. There areworkers in the factory.

A. thousand B. thousands

C. thousand of D. thousands of

9. Wu Dong won the girls'race in the school sports meeting last week.

A. 100 metres B. 100-metres

C. 100 metre D. 100-metre

10. How manycan you see in the picture?

A. tomatos B. tomatoes

C. tomato D. the tomato

11. Lucy tried her best to find a good job in the city, but she had no.

A. trouble B. idea C. luck D. time

12. foreigners visit the Great Wall every year.

A. Thousands of B. Thousand

C. Thousands D. Thousand of

13. Where are the students? They are in.

A. the Room 8 B. Room 8

C. the 8 Room D. 8 Room

14. What』s yourfor being late again?

A. idea B. key C. excuse D. news

15. ---- I feel tired. I have so much work to do and don』t have much time for myself.

---- You should take, I think.

A. health B. exercise C. lesson D. time

16. Can you see a littlein the picture?

A. sheep B. dogs C. pigs D. horses

17. There areon the table.

A. a glass of water B. a glass of milk

C. two glasses of water D. a glass of oranges

18. The sing 「NUSINESS HOURS」 can be seen in a.

A. shop B. school C. park D. museum

19. Ask the boy not to make any. I can』t fall asleep.

A. voice B. sound C. noise D. singing

20. Twelvewere hurt, but nowere lost in that accident.

A. person, life B. people, lives

C. peopeles, lives D. persons, life

21. Theare going to fly to Harbin.

A. Germen B. Germany C. Germanys D. Germans

22. A group ofare talking with two.

A. Frenchmen, Germans B. German, Frenchmen

C. Frenchmans, Germen D. Germans, Frenchmans

23. ---- Please help me move the table in.

---- But there is not enoughfor it.

A. place B. floor C. room D. ground

24. Look, theseeating grass on the hill.

A. sheep is B. sheeps is

C. sheep are D. sheeps are

25. My father told mejust now.

A. two piece of news B. two pieces of news

C. two news D. two pieces of newses

26. May 1 isDay.

A. the Work People』s B. the Working people

C. the Working People』s D. the Worker』s

27. Theeat a lot of rice.

A. Japanese B. Japan people

C. people of Japanese D. Japaneses

28. Here come three.

A. woman teacher B. women teacher

C. woman teachers D. women teachers

29. turn green in spring.

A. Leaf B. Leaves C. Leave D. Leafs

30. Tables are made of.

A. wood B. some woods C. wooden D. woods

31. If these trousers are too big, buy a smaller.

A. set B. one C. piece D. pair

32. Father went to his doctor forabout his heart trouble.

A. an advice B. advice C. advices D. the advices

33. We knowtravels not so fast as light.

A. sound B. sounds C. the sounds D. a sound

34. Will you makewith Tom?

A. friend B. a friend C. friends D. the friend

35. Joan is.

A. Mary』s and Jack sister B. Mary and Jack』s sister

C. Mary and Jack sister D. Mary』s and Jack』s sister

36. Mr. Smith hasand he is quite able to pay for the house.

A. million dollars B. millions of dollars

C. millions of dollar D. million of dollars

37. The whole trip costabout three thousand dollars.

A. the Smith』s B. Smiths

C. the Smiths D. the Smith

38. After that they hadsleep.

A. a night good B. a night』s good

C. a good night D. a good night』s

39. Yesterday we visited.

A. a friend of my uncle』s B. uncle』s

C. uncle D. my uncle』s

40. This is mydictionary.

A. sister Mary B. sister』s Mary

C. sister Mary』s D. sister』s Mary』s

41. Miss Smith is a friend of.

A. Mary』s mother』s B. Mary』s mother

C. Mary mother』s D. mother』s of Mary

42. This is a useful book for.

A. maths teacher B. maths』s teachers

C. maths』 teachers D. maths teachers

43. Help yourself to some, please.

A. fishes B. fish meat C. fish D. fishs

44. There arestamp collectors in our class.

A. a number B. number

C. the number of D. a number of

45. We hadfor dinner yesterday evening.

A. chick B. chicken C. hen D. cock

46. Would you please show me the way to theshop?

A. shoe』s B. shoes』C. shoe D. shoes

47. I』ve forgotten both of the.

A. room numbers B. rooms number

C. rooms numbers D. room number

48. We must makefor the old on the bus.

A. room B. a room C. seat D. place

49. She is the tallest ofin the family.

A. any sister B. all the sisters

C. all her sisters D. any other sisters

50. room is very nice.

A. Tom』s and Jim』s B. Tom』s and Jim

C. Tom and Jim』s D. Tom and Jim

51. September 10 isDay.

A. Teachers』B. the Teachers』

C. a Teacher』s D. Teacher』s

52. InHarbin Daily Paper, there』s an article(文章)written byuncle.

A. today, Tom B. today』s, Toms』

C. today』s, Tom』s D. today, Tom』s

53. Whatwe are having today!

A. fine weather B. a fine weather

C. fine weathers D. fine a weather

54. How manyare there in these?

A. tomatoes, photoes B. tomatoes, photos

C. tomatos, photos D. tomatoes, photo

55. Liu Mei is agirl, she is a good student.

A. sixteen-years-old B. sixteen-year old

C. sixteen-year-old D. sixteen-old-year

56. The trousers on the chairMr. Green』s.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

57. Is this ancar?

A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. Shanghai

58. Those boys are.

A. a American B. an American

C. Americas D. Americans

59. Do you like?

A. the colour of these clothes B. these clothes』 clour

C. these clothes colour D. these clothes of the colour

60. Where are?

A. the teachers』 rooms B. the teacher』s rooms

C. the teacher』s room D. the room of the teachers

61. Is your teacher?

A. a man, a woman B. men or women

C. a man or a woman D. man or woman

62. How wonderful! Theis made of.

A. house, glass B. house, glasses

C. houses, glass D. houses, glasses

63. June 1 isDay.

A. Child B. the Children C. Children』s D. childrens』

64. I can』t get on the bus, because there ison it.

A. not any rooms B. no rooms

C. little room D. few room

65. The vegetable market iswalk from our school.

A. a quarter of an hours』 B. a quarter-of-an-hour』s

C. a quarter of an hour』s D. a quarter-of-an-hours』

66. I want to makewith you.

A. a friend B. friend C. the friend D. friends

67. Have you got?

A. enough the breads B. enough bread

C. enough of the bread D. enough the bread

68. It』s aboutwalk from my home to the park.

A. two hours B. two hour』s

C. two hours』D. two of hours

69. Mr. Smith told me that he had gotto do at the moment.

A. enough thing B. enough

C. much enough D. thing enough

70. I』m not feeling very well now. I』ve got.

A. headache B. a headache

C. the headache D. cold

71. Those books in the classroom are.

A. Jim and Dick B. Jim』s and Dick』s

C. Jim』s and Dick D. Jim and Dick』s

72. Near our school there are two.

A. shoe shops B. shoes shops

C. shoe』s shops D. shoes』 shops

73. Everyone is speakingthe man who has given his life to our country.

A. in the praise of B. in praise for

C. in praise of D. in the praise for

74. When Mr. Brown came yesterday, his familyhaving supper.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

75. ---- Where is your father?

---- At.

A. Mr. Black』s B. Mr. Black

C. the Mr. Black』s D. the Mr. Black

76. Here isfor you.

A. a good news B. a piece of news

C. so good a news D. many good news

77. I will give you a. Have good journey home.

A. two months time B. two-month time

C. two month』s time D. two month time

78. cold weather it was when we were in England!

A. What B. What an C. How D. What a

79. Therea bag of apples on the ground.

A. is B. are C. were D. was

80. We met somein England.

A. Japaneses B. the Japanese

C. Japanese D. Japan

81. Three yearssince my brother joined the army.

A. has passed B. have passed C. passed D. passes

82. 4000 dollarsenough for me.

A. is B. are C. do D. does

83. Theretwo minutes left.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

84. I haven』t got anywith me.

A. change B. changes C. pay D. pays

85. There isn』tin the glass.

A. a lot of waters B. much water

C. much waters D. many water

86. She hadfor breakfast.

A. three piece of bread B. three pieces of bread

C. three piece of breads D. three pieces of breads

87. This isball, you should return it to him at once.

A. the boys B. the boy

C. the boys』D. the boy』s

88. There wasin the room.

A. a box banana B. a box of bananas

C. some boxes of bananas D. three box pens

89. I have.

A. three box of pen B. three boxes pens

C. three boxes of pens D. three box pens

90. Please bring us a glass of milk and.

A. four piece of bread B. four piece of breads

C. four pieces of bread D. four pieces of breads

91. They got muchfrom those new books.

A. ideas B. pictures C. information D. stories

92. Mr. Green gave uson how to learn the language.

A. an advice B. advices

C. some advice D. some advices

93. Pass me, will you?

A. two papers B. two piece paper

C. two pieces of paper D. two pieces of papers

94. The doctor had saved manyof the SARS patients before he lost his own.

A. life, life B. lives, life

C. lifes, life D. life, lives

95. There arein the garden.

A. a kind of flower B. all kinds of flowers

C. a few kind of flowers D. a few kinds of flower

96. Please pass me.

A. two glass of water B. two glasses of waters

C. two glasses of water D. two glass water

97. Less thanlived there twoago.

A. hundred of people, hundreds years

B. hundreds of peoples, hundred years

C. hundreds of people, hundred years

D. hundreds of people, hundreds year



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