In a large, there are many traditional festival has a long history of China, and I like the Dragon Boat Festival.The Dragon Boat Festival that day, in some places people hang calamus, wormwood, is said to be repels mosquitoes and other insect pests. The Dragon Boat Festival is essential to make zongzi, with glutinous rice dumplings, red bean dumplings, and ham dumplings and so on. Remember one year Dragon Boat Festival, our family package dumplings, I also participated in the time. It's a pity that technical level is not high so we have to do a bystander. Looked at his mother skilled movements, the in the mind is really admire and envy. Rice dumplings wrapped up can be boiled, with boiling water boil out water vapor floating in the room, let a room full of sticky rice and bamboo leaves fragrance. Food of my mouth water. A heat zongzi I can't wait to take the mother aside until I was a little cat, but I still make dumplings strip away for me, dip in the sugar to me. Also told me that the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival eating zongzi, originally is the ancient people in order not to let the fish eat because the patriotic and cast jiang qu yuan's body, and threw rice dumplings into the river. Listen to the mother, I unconsciously eat a rice dumplings, feel good sweet sweet.A few years later, people's living standards improve, speed up the pace of life, but the Dragon Boat Festival custom of eating zongzi has not changed, only now the rice dumplings are bought directly from the market and select varieties are more convenient. But eating zongzi always miss that one person over the age of the house scent...



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