路人甲8 個月前在五個月之前寫了篇文章 程序員常用的技術網站 | 轉眼間五個月過去了。五個月後的今天我打算寫一篇程序員常用的刷題網站。


  • 鞏固提高自己的基礎編程知識水平
  • 增加面試過程中的自信心
  • 幸運的是:很多時候面試筆試題目你刷過




(一)LeetCode Online Judge

LeetCode OJ is a platform for preparing technical coding interviews. Pick from an expanding library of more than 190 questions, code and submit your solution to see if you have solved it correctly. It is that easy!

Our platform currently supports a total of 9 languages: C, C++, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Bash, MySQL.

同時這裡有不錯的解答:專欄:LeetCode題解 - 博客頻道 - CSDN.NET

(二)Virtual Judge

Virtual Judge is not a real online judge. It can grab problems from other regular online judges and simulate submissions to other online judges. It aims to enable holding contests when you don't have the test data.Virtual Judge currently supports the following online judges:(三)Codewars: Train your coding skills

Designed to test coding skills using challenges with real-world relevance. Qualified helps to make it easier to test larger, more complex challenges without manually reviewing and scoring every submission.

We provide an IDE with integrated test frameworks for each language (Mocha, RSpec, PHPUnit, JUnit, etc). These unit-tests drive our auto-scoring and allow students to try their code before making a submission.


How many times were you frustrated while looking out for a good collection of algorithm、programming、interview questions?

What did you expect and what did you get? This portal has been created to provide well written, well thought and well explained solutions for selected questions.

(五)Coding Challenges for the World's Best Developers

CodeEval is a community of the world's top developers to practice and compete on code challenges. Build our your developer profile and see where you rank

(六)Deliver Faster through Crowdsourcing

Deliver faster for your business through crowdsourcing.

With a community of over 1,000,000 design and technology experts, Topcoder provides on-demand capability, bandwidth, and velocity so you can do more.



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