1. Where Uncle Sun yesterday?

A. was B. were C. did D. does

2. They going to see Mr. Sun tomorrow.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

3. Some are in the river and some are games.

A. swiming, playing B. swimming, playing

C. swimming, playing D. swimming, playing

4. Where is Dick? He to the reading-room.

A. has been B. went

C. has gone D. goes

5. Mark Twain, an American writer, everybody here.

A. knows B. is known as

C. is known to D. is known for

6. I hope he will come to see me before he here.

A. leave B. leaves C. will leave D. left

7. My teacher told me that Australians English.

A. spoke B. speak

C. speaks D. are speaking

8. I think she right now.

A. reading B. reads C. is reading D. read

9. ---- Where are the children?

---- They a good time in the garden.

A. are having B. have C. have had D. had

10. ----- Where my glasses? I can』t find them.

---- I them on the bookshelf, but they aren』t there.

A. you put, put B. you have put, have put

C. have you put, put D. did you put, have put

11. When the police arrived, the man for 10 minutes.

A. died B. was death

C. had died D. had been dead

12. By the time this talk is over, we a lot about the earth.

A. will be learning B. are learning

C. world learn D. will have learnt

13. The teachers told me that they me to smooth away the difficulties.

A. helped B. will help C. help D. were going to help

14. ----Have you seen him today?

----Yes, I him this morning.

A. has seen B. see C. will see D. saw

15. He worried when he heard this news.

A. is B. was C. does D. did

16. What』s your friend going next week.

A. doing B. do C. does D. to do

17. I don』t think that it』s true. He』s always strange stories.

A. tell B. telling C. told D. tells

18. Have you ever West Hill Farm?

A. gone to B. arrived C. come to D. been to

19. How long he the novel?

A. has, borrowed B. has, kept

C. has, lent D. is, using

20. He to do this lessons at eight every evening.

A. is begining B. is beginning

C. begin D. begins

21. The children a swim this afternoon.

A. are going to has B. is going to have

C. are having D. are going to have

22. There a telephone call for my brother Steven yesterday.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

23. he on well with his friends this term?

A. Does, gets B. Does, get

C. Is, getting D. Is, geting

24. Who away my pen? I can』t find it.

A. haven taken B. takes C. has taken D. took

25. Shall we football this Saturday?

A. play B. playing C. plays D. to play

26. The children at school now.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

27. Mr. Smith short stories, but he a TV play these days.

A. is writing, is writing B. is writing, writes

C. writes, is writing D. writes, writes

28. He said he the league for two years.

A. has joined B. has been in

C. had been in D. joined

29. She likes watering trees in the garden, she?

A. doesn』t B. don』t

C. isn』t D. didn』t

30. What you to do to keep the room clean?

A. do, have B. does, have

C. did, have D. are, have

31. Some flowers by Kate already.

A. have been watered B. watered

C. have watered D. has been watered

32. When winter comes, the leaves fall.

A. are going to B. will

C. will be D. would

33. I to the cinema. I there every Sunday.

A. go, go B. am going, go

C. go, am going D. am going, am going

34. You about the future now, you?

A. don』t think, don』t B. aren』t thinking, aren』t

C. don』t think, do D. aren』t thinking, are

35. He was afraid that he his way.

A. would lost B. would lose

C. is going to D. shall lose

36. We each other since he left here.

A. didn』t see B. hadn』t seen

C. haven』t seen D. had seen

37. Mr. Smith out for a walk in the park every day.

A. is going B. goes C. went D. go

38. He from home for a long time.

A. has gone away B. had gone away

C. has left D. has been away

39. You mustn』t go too high, or you dangerous.

A. will be B. are C. would be D. is going to

40. We have known each other .

A. since we were young B. after we were young

C. when we are young D. if we are young

41. She promised she do better work.

A. would B. will C. shall D. is going to

42. How long has this shop ?

A. be open B. been open

C. opened D. been opened

43. Mr. Smith here since he moved to his city.

A. had lived B. have live

C. have lived D. has lived

44. ----Have you read the newspaper?

----No, I haven』t .

A. too B. yet C. just D. already

45. Our knowledge of the universe all the time.

A. grow B. is growing

C. grows D. grew

46. She won』t go to the cinema if she the work tomorrow.

A. doesn』t finish B. won』t finish

C. will finish D. finish

47. My grandma for half a year.

A. has been dead B. was dead

C. has died D. died

48. She to the Great Wall several times.

A. goes B. has gone

C. went D. has been

49. The earth round the sun.

A. move B. moves

C. moved D. will move

50. Liu Fengwei three yuan for the lost library book.

A. paid B. spent C. cost D. took

51. I the bike for over four years.

A. have bought B. have buy

C. have had D. bought

52. He told us that he that factory the next day.

A. had visited B. has visited

C. will visit D. would visit

53. His mother the Party last year. She a Party member for a year.

A. joined, was B. has joined, is

C. joined, has been D. has joined, has been

54. We don』t know if it the day after tomorrow.

A. will rain B. rains

C. rained D. would rain

55. He said he his life for his country.

A. give B. gave C. had given D. would give

56. He always to the park on Sunday morning.

A. go B. goes C. went D. is going

57. Look, the students to the teacher carefully.

A. is listening B. are listening

C. listen D. listened

58. He in this school in 1958.

A. taught B. has taught

C. teaches D. had taught

59. They said they to England the next day.

A. will fly B. had flown

C. would fly D. flew

60. They the work in two days.

A. had finished B. would finished

C. is finishing D. will finish

61. By the end of last week, we two thousand words.

A. would learn B. have learned

C. had learned D. were learning

62. When he left, his mother .

A. is cooking B. cooked

C. was cooking D. cooks

63. We』ll go to play with snow if it tomorrow.

A. snow B. snows

C. will snow D. snowed

64. There no milk in the glass.

A. have B. has C. are D. is

65. The train when we got to the station.

A. has just left B. had just left

C. leaves D. left

66. Dr Smith is not at home. He to work.

A. has gone B. has been

C. had been D. had gone

67. That man knows a lot about New York. I heard he before.

A. had gone to the city B. had been in there

C. had been there D. had been New York

68. The artist to Europe. He is there now.

A. has gone B. has been

C. had gone D. had been

69. Miss Brown said she never to North China before.

A. has, gone B. has, been

C. had, gone D. had, been

70. What your grandma this time yesterday?

A. is, doing B. was, doing

C. did, do D. had, done

71. I to see the film because I have lost my ticket.

A. won』t go B. didn』t go

C. don』t go D. haven』t gone

72. The students will have a football match if it fine next Saturday.

A. will be B. would be

C. was D. is

73. She asked me if I the story before.

A. have read B. had read

C. would read D. will read

74. What they at eight yesterday evening?

A. are, doing B. did, do

C. have, done D. were, doing

75. You can』t see him now because he an important meeting.

A. is having B. have

C. has D. was having

76. I to my brother since last summer.

A. didn』t write B. hadn』t written

C. haven』t written D. don』t write

77. Li Ping will visit the Great Wall as soon as he free.

A. will be B. is C. was D. has been

78. One day when I the post office I my uncle.

A. pass, see B. was passing, saw

C. passed, saw D. pass, saw

79. He he some mistakes in the test.

A. said, will make B. said, made

C. said, had made D. said, make

80. They tired so they stopped a rest.

A. are, have B. were, have

C. were, to have D. are, having

81. My father every day.

A. takes a walk B. took walk

C. take a walk D. is taking a walk

82. Mary is seven years old. She eight next year.

A. is B. will C. was D. will be

83. A table and many chairs made by him yesterday.

A. was B. were C. are being D. was being

84. I』ll go with you as soon as I my work.

A. will finish B. shall finish

C. finish D. finished

85. Trees green in spring.

A. turn B. turns

C. would turn D. is turning

86. Yesterday I in bed all day because I had a fever.

A. lay B. lie C. laid D. lain

87. Hello, Mike. It』s you. I you in Beijing. How long have you been here?

A. don』t know, were B. hadn』t know, are

C. haven』t known, are D. didn』t know, were

88. A: When again?

B: When he . I』ll let you know.

A. he comes, comes B. will be come, will come

C. he comes, will come D. will he come, comes

89. The last bus . I had to walk home.

A. had gone B. have gone

C. went D. has gone

90. A: Are you making cakes? B: .

A. Yes, I do B. Yes, I am

C. Yes, I』m D. Yes, I』m making

91. ----What time ?

----My watch .

A. it is, stopped B. is it, has stopped

C. it is, has stopped D. is it, is stopping

92. What on Sunday?

A. does he sometimes do B. is he often doing

C. has he done D. is usually he do

93. Did you hear someone at the door when you TV last night?

A. knock, was watching B. knock, watching

C. knock, were watching D. knock, are watching

94. That Japanese knows the Salt Lake City. I heard he before.

A. a lot of, had been there B. a lot about, had been there

C. lot, had been there D. a lot of, had gone there

95. As soon as we saw his face, we the news bad.

A. knew, was B. know, were

C. know, was D. know, were





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