文明風景 – 里程碑/鍾順龍個展

文明風景 – 里程碑/鍾順龍個展

文明風景 – 里程碑/鍾順龍個展
Civilized Landscape –The Marker/Chung Shun-Lung

「里程碑」這一系列作品,正是開始於這個不斷拆解及建構的土地上,其間,令我感受最 深刻的,應該是台灣高鐵的通車,壓縮了南北城市的距離。速度與時間的改變,相對性的也壓縮了空間的概念。而這個巨大的轉變,卻是在我們尚未感受到的轉變之 前;道路工程早已開始立下基座,一根一根的被植入地面,在道路尚未連接前,這些橔座就如同古代文明的遺址般的矗立著,召告著文明所呈現的姿態。

The Marker

is a series of works that have started in this land of constant deconstruction and construction.  Amongst these developments, the most memorable for me has to be the launching of the Taiwan High Speed Rail, and how it has compressed the distance from the south to the north.  The changes in speed and time have also led to the compression of space.  However, this big transition has started long before we even realized the changes.  The rail construction has started its foundation long ago, and pillars have been planted in the ground before the rails have been connected.  These pillars are similar to ancient ruins, and their erections seem to be announcing the gesture of civilization that is to be presented.


展覽日期 / 2011.10.01 (六) - 2011.10.30 (日)
開幕茶會 / 2011.10.01 (六) 14:30
展覽地點 / 台南市成功路83號2樓、3樓
開放時間 / 週三 - 週日 13:00 - 20:00 (週一、二休館)

Duration / 2011.10.01 (Sat) - 2011.10.30 (Sun)
Opening Reception / 2011.10.01 (Sat) 14:30
Location / 2F., No.83, Chenggong Rd., Tainan City 700
Gallery Hours / Wen-Sun 13:00-20:00 (Mon.~Tue. off)


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