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Taiwan is an area with a very rich nightlife in Asia. Apart from the well-known night markets of all sizes, all kinds of nightclubs are also a must-visit to Taiwan! Because Taiwan’s clubs are not only affordable, sleek and full of people’s enthusiasm, they are very popular with young people. If you’re lucky enough to have a chance to experience it in Taiwan, then the following tips will be shared with you. Enjoy your beautiful night!


|Things Must Bring→PASSPORT
The rules in Taiwan shows that if you want to enter a nightclub, you must be at least 18 years old. Therefore, they sometimes encounter a situation where the police are inspected. Remember to bring your passport with photos or relevant documents to prevent any unpreparedness.

|Charge method
There are two types of fees for nightclubs in Taiwan. One is a la carte and the other is all-you-can-drink. The cost of a la carte averages between NT$500 and NT$1,000(will include one to two glasses). After entering the club, all the wines are all done separately. For all-you-can-drink, drinks are charged only once, which means they charge an admission fee of NT$200-NT$700. After the arrival, the wines are all full and they don’t need to pay another fees. The cost is cheaper. So most of the customers are student groups. Of course, they will also play mad and more embarrassing.
(For some clubs, girls or friends who enter before 11pm, they all have the opportunity to enter the venue for free, so the exact cost is still based on the store’s rules.)


|Bottles and tables
If you don’t book a box in a Taiwanese club, you may be tired all night. Because that means you have to stand up all night. Of course, if you have meet a new friend with a box, it’s another matter. Most of the box price is NT$15,000 left (can accommodate 10 people). If you have a large number of people, you can choose to book one box in advance to ensure the quality of the night’s play. 

|Dress code
There are no strict restrictions on the dress code, as long as you avoid wearing sandals or slippers on the field. Sometimes there will be “Theme Night” which will specify the clothing to enter. Therefore, you can go to their official website in advance to check the dress code before you go.


By understanding the tips of Taiwan’s nightclub, wish you enjoy your wonderful nightlife in Taiwan!



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