New Taipei City|Longdong : a Place That You MUST GO in Summer


As summer vacation comes, it’s a big issue to think about where to go to spend the holiday. This place must be fun, memorable and must be COOL so that you won’t be cooked by the sun heat. ReadyGo has found out a really good place that you will love it in this summer, Longdong.

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The origin of the name Longdong (dragon’s cave) comes from the shape of the region’s coastline, similar to the shape of a dragon lying down. Along the coastline are a series of hard, steep rising sandstone formations. These rocks with clear cut joints stand erect and close to the ocean, vigorously pronouncing their presence. There is the life-like Longdong Cape, the clear Longdong Bay waters and the oldest exposed rock layers of the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area. If you like rock climbing, here provides a popular rock climbing zone. There are variety of outdoor activities you can try here, listening to waves, admiring scenery, swimming, snorkeling, eco-watching, rock climbing and hiking. 

There is a Longdong Bay Cape Trail nearby. Because the cape trail links up the two largest capes of the Northeast Coast, Bitou and Longdong Capes, which also bridged the gap between two different geological eras, walking on this three-km long trail is like strolling through time and space. Along the way, you’ll see many different native coastal plants. It’s a leisure schedule for people who don’t like to wet themself.

There is another place nearby Longdong which I must introduce, Longdong South Ocean Park(Longdong Four Seasons Bay). Covers 16 hectares of land, Longdong Four Seasons Bay is the first multi-functional outdoor educational center in Taiwan that brings a yacht harbor and seawater swimming pools together. Every summer, visitors who loves the ocean will come here and have fun. It’s a nice place for diving.

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Longdong is really an amazing place in North of Taiwan. If you travel to Taiwan in summer, never let yourself miss this lovely and attractive place.

Travel Info
[龍洞 /Lóngdòng
-Located in:Northern Taiwan

-County:New Taipei City
-Features:Nature Landscapes, Scenic Spots, Outdoor activities, Water activities
-Highly recommend to:Outdoors Enthusiasts, Climbers, Water activities Enthusiasts
Gongliao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

*Rogue waves are likely to take place during northeast monsoon months (October – March). To ensure your own safety, please do not carry out any leisure activity by the shores.

Editor : Lemon@ReadyGo
Thanks to Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area for contents sharing.

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