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If I could go back in history and live when I liked, I wouldn't go back very far. In fact, I'd like to relive a period I've already lived – the 1960s.

I was in my twenties, and everything was being renewed. People would come in out of a formal and almost Victorian attitude, and you really felt anything was possible. Meeting people was the thing, and you went to coffee bars where you met friends and spent the evening. The cinema, the theater, all that was every exciting with new things coming out. In fact, we seemed to be out, all the time! I don't really remember working – of course, I was a student – or sitting around at home very much. That just wasn't where the scene was, even eating! It was the first time, ordinary people started going out to eat. We were beginning to be adventurous about food, but we were more interested in meeting people than in eating or drinking. And dress, yes, that was the revolution. I mean, girls went around in really short skirts, and wore flowers in their hair. And men were in jeans, and could wear their hair long too. It was a wonderful period. It was like living in an age you could never have imagined, and that never has come back. We didn't have much money, but it didn't matter. And there was plenty of opportunity to do whatever you felt like doing.

Question 16 – 18 are based on the passage you have just heard:

16. Why does the speaker say he would like to relive the 1960s?

17. What does the speaker say was the most popular thing to do at that time?

18. What do we learn about the speaker?




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