hangzhou: alibaba chief jack ma stepped down before a potential initial public offering as the chinese online retail giant announced a $294 million stake purchase in digital mapping firm autonavi.阿里巴巴董事局主席馬雲正式卸任集團ceo一職。作為的零售業巨頭,阿里巴巴此前剛剛宣布用2億9400萬美元的價格收購數字地圖公司高德的股權,阿里巴巴也將進行首次公開募股。

at a company event in hangzhou city, 48-year-old ma handed over the reins of the company to lu zhaoxi -- previously executive vice president -- reaffirming his decision announced four months ago to step down as chief executive officer.在杭州舉辦的「淘寶十周年」晚會上,現年48歲的馬雲正式將阿里巴巴的大權移交給原執行副總裁陸兆禧,正式實踐了他在四個月前做出的卸任ceo的決定。

from tomorrow i will have a new life and life will be my job. i sincerely ask everyone to support lu zhaoxi like you have supported me and trust lu like you have trusted me," ma told 30,000 employees and clients at the event.在晚會上馬雲對現場3萬名阿里巴巴公司職員及客戶表示:「明天開始,我將有我自己新的生活,生活將是我的工作,我也懇請所有的人像支持我一樣,支持新的團隊,支持陸兆禧,像信任我一樣信任新團隊、信任陸兆禧。」

lu said he would carry on the mission of alibaba by making the company transparent and responsible.陸兆禧表示他將肩負阿里巴巴的使命,傳承公司透明、負責的價值觀。

ma will still provide strategic direction but he told the audience that he aimed to focus on education and environmental protection.卸任后,馬雲將主要負責阿里董事局的戰略決策,不過他對現場觀眾表示他將會關注在教育和環境保護問題上。

alibaba operates china's most popular e-shopping platform, taobao, which has more than 90 per cent of the online market for consumer-to-consumer transactions. taobao has more than 800 million product listings and over 500 million users.阿里巴巴運營著最受歡迎的網路購物平台淘寶,佔到了c2c在線交易市場上超過90%的份額。淘寶擁有超過8億的商品和超過5億的用戶。

alibaba aims to expand beyond its home market by targeting overseas chinese through taobao, an executive told a news conference friday at the company's headquarters in hangzhou.本周五在阿里巴巴位於杭州的總部,一位管理人員在新聞發布會上表示,阿里巴巴希望能通過淘寶拓展海外業務,主要針對海外華人。

"we hope to provide services to markets of overseas chinese consumers first so we can have the experience and ability to further promote taobao in other markets of non-chinese consumers," said daphne lee, director of overseas business for taobao.淘寶網海外業務總監李芃君表示:「我們希望先能為海外華人消費者市場提供服務,這樣積累了經驗和能力,我們也能進一步地將淘寶拓展到非華人的消費者市場中。」

such a move could potentially make taobao, which also marks its 10th anniversary friday, a threat to us giants ebay and amazon.本周五正是淘寶迎來十周年,相信這樣的海外業務拓展舉動,也會讓淘寶成為美國零售業巨頭易趣和亞馬遜的潛在威脅。


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