DialogueA(I =Interviewer面試官A =Applicant應聘者者)

A:Excuse me. May I see Mr. John,the manager?

I:It's me. What can I do for you?

A:I have come at your invitation for an interview. Nice to meet you,Mr. John.

I:Nice to meet you too. Please sit down.

A:Thank you,sir.

I:We have received your letter in answer to our advertisement.I would like to talk with you regarding your qualifications for this position.

A:I am very happy that I am qualified for this interview.

Dialogue B

I:May I help you?

A:Yes,I'm here for an interview as requested.

I:You are Miss Li?

A:That's right.

I:Please take a seat.

A:Thank you,madam.

I:We have received your letter and resume,and we thought we would like to ask you to come here for an interview.

A:It is a great pleasure for me to have this opportunity for inter-view.

I:Have you brought your credentials?

A:Yes,here they are.This is my ID card.This is my diplo-ma. And this is my certificate for nurse qualifications.


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