1, get up 起床

I get up early every morning 我每天上午起床很早

2, get on 上車

I get on the bus 我上了公車

3, get off 下車

I get off the bus 我下了公車

4, get over 克服

I can get over my problem 我能克服我的問題

5, take a shower=have a shower洗澡

I take a shower everyday=I have a shower everyday 我每天洗澡

6, do housework 做家務,do homework 做家庭作業

I can do housework on the weekend 我在周末能做家務

I can do homework everyday 我能每天寫作業

7, take a walk=go for a walk 散步

I take a walk after dinner every day =I go for a walk after dinner everyday 我每天晚飯後出去散步

8, either。。。or 既。。。也, 否定:neither 。。。nor 。。。既不。。。也不(就近原則)

Either you or I am a student 我和你都是學生

Neither you nor I am a student 你和我都不是學生

9, lots of =a lot of 許多

I have a lot of books =I have lots of books 我有許多書

A lot 許多

I learn a lot from you 我從你的身上學習了很多

10, some time (一些時間),some times (一些次數),sometime(某時),sometimes(有時)

I have some time to do my homework 我有一些時間去寫我的作業

I have been here some times 我到了這裡一些次數了

I can visit you sometime 我某時能拜訪你

Sometimes I can watch TV,有時,我能看電視

11, be late for 遲到於。。。

I am late for the meeting 我開會遲到了

12, Where do your friends exercise?你的朋友們在哪裡做運動?

In the gym 在健身房

13, exercise 運動,練習

I have lots of exercises 我做了許多練習

I exercise everyday 我每天都運動

Why not do sth=Why don』t you do sth=What about doing sth 做某事如何

Why not go shopping ?為什麼不去購物呢?

Why don』t you go shopping ?你為什麼不去購物?

What about going shopping ?去購物如何?



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