1.Do you send gifts to others quite often?

2.What kind of gifts are popular in your country?

3.Are there some special gifts in your country?

4.What are the difference between the gifts sent nowadays and those sent in the past?

5.If you have a child, when will you give presents to him/her?

6.How do you feel about receiving an expensive gift?

Sample answers:

1.Not really. Only when someone invite to their home or attend some kind of celebrations will I send gifts to others. For example, when one of my friends invited me to attend her wedding, I sent her a microwave oven as a gift. And usually, Chinese prefer to give red envelope with 500 RMB to 2000 RMB to the inviters instead of sending gifts. In this way, the inviters can use this amount of money to purchase whatever she/he likes.

2.For a common visit, we tend to send fruits, cookies and the like to the host. You know, most of people like to eat this kind of things. And we don't want to send something the host doesn't like. So food is always one of the best choices. For some important occasions like wedding ceremonies, we prefer to send household appliances as gifts. To conclude, Chinese are more willing to send necessities as gifts.

3.From my point of view, red envelope seems to be one of the special gifts in China. Every time when we celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, the elder would give red envelope to kids. Usually, within these red envelopes is money, ranging from 100 RMB to several thousand RMB. This money is called lucky money. The elder hopes the luck money can bless the kids have a lucky, happy new year.

4.In the past, like my parents, usually sent health products to the old as gifts. In their view, these products did good to people's health. However, notion of health has undergone great changes. People start to recognize that most of these products exaggerated their pesticide effect and some of them even have many side effects. As a result, nowadays people send other kinds of things such as fruits, cookies or household appliances as gifts.

5.I would give presents to him/her when he she celebrate for birthdays or for some other important events. For example, when he/she graduates from university, I would send him/her a business suit as presents. You know, after graduation, he/she has to look for a job and take lots of interviews. A business suit is necessary for interviews, which might leave employers good impression of the interviewers.

6.It depends on who send me this expensive gift. If one of my friend, not a close friend, send me an expensive gift, I would feel a little bit nervous. And maybe later, I would send something back. However, if my parents send me a MacBook, I will not feel a great burden. You know, in Chinese cultural, how much expensive gifts you send depends on the relationship between you and the receiver. Too much or too less are both improper.


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