1, in a row 在一排

We stand in a row 我們站成一排

2, make a mess 弄亂

Don』t make a mess 不要弄亂

3, keep one』s cool=calm down 沉住氣

You must keep your cool= You must calm down 你必須冷靜

4, look forward to doing sth 期待做某事

I am looking forward to watching TV tomorrow 我正期待明天能看電視

5, hope to do 希望去做 例如:I hope to be better 我希望能更好

6, hope that +從句 I hope that I can help you 我希望我能幫助你

7, be thirty for 對。。。渴求 I am thirsty for new things 我渴求新的東西

8, believe in 信任 I believe in you 我信任你

9, ahead of 在。。。前面 You are ahead of me 你在我的前面

10, be responsible for sth 對。。。負責

I must be responsible for my family 我必須對我的家人負責

11, set out 出發 Let』s set out to Beijing 讓我們出發去北京

12, separate from 分離

You can separate from the team 你可以從這個團隊里退出來

13, work out 解決

I can work out my problem 我能解決我的問題

14, consider sb /sth as … 把。。。考慮作為。。。

I consider you as my good friend 我考慮把你作為我的朋友

15, set down 記下 例如: I can set down everything 我記下了每件事情

16, set 。。。free 把。。。釋放 例如:Ican set you free 我能釋放你出去

17, in future 今後, in the future 在未來

You must be careful in future 今後你必須小心

You will be happy in the future 在未來,你將會很開心



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