41. Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat is a black and white cat created during the silent film era of the early 20th Century. His simple form and face make him easily recognizable, and his magical bag helps him create all sorts of mischief. He was also the first cartoon character to gain enough popularity to award him a feature film in 1928.
42. Angelica Pickles
Why do bullies get all the good lines? Angelica Pickles is the bossy, spoiled toddler from Rugrats. She is the most familiar character from Rugrats, but possibly only because she is the meanest and talks the most. (She's older than the babies.)Rugratscrawled onto Nickelodeon in 1991. The lil' crew went on to star inThe Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Parisand Rugrats Go Wild.
43. The Powerpuff Girls
Girl power times three. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup keep Townsville, USA safe from evil while dealing with the pressures of kindergarten. The visual style of The Powerpuff Girlssets it apart, though, along with the abundance of tongue-in-cheek humor. The Powerpuff Girlsfirst premiered in 1998 and can still be seen on Boomerang.

44. Spider-Man
Spider-Man is the everyman superhero. He started out as the geek next door and was transformed into a mega-strong, mega-agile dude. Spidery first starred in 1967's Spider-Man, then came Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends(1981), Spider-Man: The Animated Series(1995) and Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (2003).
45. George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle originated in 1967, a parody of the Tarzan story. He's known for swinging on vines and slamming into trees, as well as his rhythmic theme song, "George, George, George of the Jungle... watch out for that tree!"
46. Superman.
Superman is the ultimate superhero because of his unerring loyalty to doing well. But is he a true superhero since he only has powers because he's an alien, from another planet? Or is he just a guy who fell to the ground on the right planet? I'm sure fanboys debate this issue frequently. Like his other DC Comics friends, Superman starred inSuper Friendsand Justice League of America. His own series have been Superman(1988) and Superman: The Animated Series(1996). But who could forget The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure(1967)?
47. Batman
Can you imagine a time when Batman wasn't the Dark Knightwe know now? Hard to believe the many transformations this superhero has seen through the years, especially on television. The caped crusader has had several of his own cartoons: Batman: The Brave and the Bold(2008),The Batman(2004), Batman Beyond (1999), Batman: The Animated Series(1992).
48. Daria
Daria Morgendorfferearned her own half-hour animated comedy in1997. She's smart and witty, a teenage girl trying to figure out how to be her own person and still have a boyfriend at the same time while dealing with stressed-out parents.
49. Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman gives little girls their own superhero, one who is strong and gorgeous with lots of cool toys. She stars inSuper Friends, Justice League of Americaand Young Justice.
50. Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill is my favorite character on, which aired on FOX from 1997 to 2009. He starred in my favorite episode, the Emmy-nominated "Bobby Goes Nuts." If I could ask creator Mike Judge one question, it would be, "What will Bobby Hill be when he grows up?" He has so many aspirations; I just can't imagine the answer.

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