雙語:Open AI擊敗Dota世界冠軍 人工智慧是否稱霸

雙語:Open AI擊敗Dota世界冠軍 人工智慧是否稱霸

Open AI has created a bot that is taking down top Dota 2 players at The International Dota event held by Valve.

Open AI公司發明了一台機器人,這台機器人在由Valve舉辦的Dota 2國際邀請賽中擊敗了世界冠軍。

This year』s big Dota 2 tournament is currently in its second to last day with only four teams remaining in the competition. Between the event』s official games, Valve always includes some fun show matches, and this year it brought in Open AI『s robot to face off against the game』s most famous player, Danil 「Dendi」 Ishutin, live on the main stage.

正值本屆Dota2錦標賽倒數第二天,目前僅剩四支隊伍進行最終較量。除了大賽推出的官方比賽之外,Valve經常會設置一些帶有娛樂性質的表演賽,供觀眾欣賞。今年,大賽專門設計讓Open AI公司的機器人和Dota領域最著名選手丹尼爾·俄舒京(玩家ID為Dendi)在舞台上進行現場對抗賽。

Open AI said the 1v1 bot has learned from playing against itself in a lifetimes worth of matches. In a promo video shown before the match, we see the bot besting some of the game』s top players, including Evil Genius』 cores Arteezy and Sumail.

Open AI公司表示該機器人事先已經接受了無數次自我對決的訓練。在比賽前發布的宣傳視頻中,我們可以看到機器人在此前已經戰勝過包括遊戲「邪惡天才」主將Arteezy和SumaiL在內等多個頂級玩家。

In the live Shadow Fiend mirror match against Dendi, the bot executed an impossibly perfect creep block, perfectly balanced creep aggro, and even recognized and canceled Dendi』s healing items. The bot quickly bested Dendi in two matches, leading Dendi to say it』s 「too strong!」 Footage of those matches can be found on Dota 2 Rapier』s YouTube channel.

在與Dendi進行影魔現場角色對戰的過程中,Open AI機器人展現了自己近乎完美的卡兵技巧,巧妙地進行正反補兵,而且還識別並阻斷了對方的治療技能。兩局下來,機器人基本都是輕鬆取勝,使得Dendi不禁大喊「太強了」。此次比賽的相關視頻可在YouTube網站的Dota 2 Rapier頻道上搜到。

Open AI says their next goal is to get the bot ready for the infinitely more complex 5v5 matches, noting it might have something ready for next year.

Open AI公司表示下一個目標即讓機器人征戰難度係數更高的5對5比賽,並提到時間很可能就是在明年。


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