蝶豆花的功效及副作用或禁忌|哪些體質不適合?孕婦... - 頁2,共2 - Getting Closer to God's Voice 1985

蝶豆花的功效及副作用或禁忌|哪些體質不適合?孕婦... - 頁2,共2 - Getting Closer to God's Voice 1985

Exotic tea: The ability to change its colors

  • Butterfly pea tea is caffeine-free and thus people with caffeine sensitivity are able to enjoy it. The petals are used to garnish salads and soups. The flowers fit to brew into tea.
  • It changes color depending on the pH of any ingredient that’s added to it. The original butterfly pea tea is shown in a deep midnight blue color. If you add a squeeze of lemon or any acidic liquid, it changes to violet.

Health Benefits of Butterfly Pea Tea

According to a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, butterfly pea is highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine and “has been used for centuries as a memory enhancer, nootropic, antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, tranquilizing and sedative agent. It is said its leaves made into poultices is able to alleviate swollen joints.

  • antidiabetic effect: — A 2015 animal study published in the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science has found that extracts from butterfly pea flower lowered serum glucose levels of diabetic rats significantly.
  • potential effects against stress and anxiety —  In the journal Pharmacology, a  2003 study which anchors on “Biochemistry and Behavior” found that butterfly pea extract has an effect on the central nervous system (CNS) of mice and that it may particularly work against depression, stress, anxiety and improve cognitive behavior. The researchers assert that “The extract exhibited the tendency to reduce the intensity of behavior mediated via serotonin and acetylcholine.”
  • Curb hyperlipidemia, which is a risk factor of heart disease — A 2010 Pharmaceutical Biology study found that butterfly pea extract from the plant’s roots and seeds, coupled with the herb Vigna mungo, led to a “significant reduction of serum total cholesterol, triglycerides, very low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels.” The combination helps decrease dietary cholesterol absorption and prompted excretion from the body.
  • This antipyretic effect: Bring down fever — When given in doses of 200, 300 and 400 milligrams per kilogram, butterfly pea extract is said to reduce body temperature when you are having a fever.  n the journal Phytomedicine, a 2004 published article can verify this argument. 

How to make Butterfly Pea Flower Tea by yourself? 

Colour Changing Cocktails | Butterfly Pea Flower Drops

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▲留蘭香(Mentha spicata)又名綠薄荷、香薄荷、荷蘭薄荷、青薄荷。有香味,莖、葉蒸餾後可提取香油。

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Swollen joint 中文 腫脹關節

Kaempferol 中文 山奈酚
myricetin中文 楊梅素
quercetin 槲皮素
pharmacological effects中文 藥理作用
phenols中文 酚類
saponins中文 皂苷
anthocyanins中文 花青素
flavanols 中文 黃烷醇
triterpenoids 中文 三萜類化合物

poultices 中文 藥膏
serum glucose level中文 血糖水平
diabetes drug glibenclamide 中文 糖尿病藥物格列本脲
serotonin 中文 血清素
and acetylcholine中文 乙酰膽鹼
hyperlipidemia 中文 高脂血症
Ayurvedic medicine 中文阿育吠陀醫學
antidepressant中文 抗抑鬱
cholesterol absorption中文 膽固醇的吸收
antipyretic effect 中文 解熱作用
antidiabetic properties 中文 抗糖尿病特性



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